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Our story

Nature Fibres Inc. operates a plant where we manufacture building materials based on plant fibers, mainly industrial hemp.
The products and materials manufactured are thermal insulation for construction, insulation for food-box and pharmaceutical transport.
Nature Fibres Inc. is the first company in North America to specialize in the industrial production of hemp insulation.

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The completion of the plant

In 2017, thanks to the support of the MRC des Sources, a hemp-based insulating products factory was born. Located in Val-des-Sources, Nature Fibres Inc. became the first in North America to manufacture environmentally friendly materials at an industrial level.
We expect this high-performance eco-friendly insulation to become more and more popular and accessible in the years to come!

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Hemp fiber strengths

With superior performance, the product is a top pick . Hemp wool has all the advantages: it acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator, it is resistant to pests, has a strong mechanical resistance and remains open to the diffusion of water vapor by acting as a hygrometric regulator.
Permeable, hemp fibers regulate the flow of vapors resulting from temperature differences inside and outside. Thus, the indoor climate of your rooms and their relative humidity are regulated in an optimized way.

NATURE FIBRES - Ecomaterials

Address : 385 Boulevard Industriel,
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