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NATURE FIBRES INC. opère une usine de fabrication de matériaux de construction à base de fibres végétales, principalement de chanvre industriel. Les produits et matériaux qui y sont fabriqués sont les isolants, les feutres, panneaux acoustiques et structurels, les blocs de maçonnerie ainsi que les enduits muraux. 
NATURE FIBRES INC. devient ainsi la première entreprise en Amérique du Nord à se spécialiser dans la production industrielle d’éco-matériaux.

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NATURE FIBRES INC. offers construction materials made from plant fibers, primarily with industrial hemp. The products and materials made by the company include insulation, felts, acoustic and structural panels, masonry blocks, and wall coatings. 
NATURE FIBRES INC. becomes the first North American company to specialize in the industrial production of ecologically friendly materials.



In 2006, after acquiring specialized expertise on ecological construction through many seminars he attended in France, Sébastien Bélec creates: “Matériaux Écologiques pour la Maison Inc. (M.E.M).” His chief goal is to open a manufacturing facility to produce construction materials from industrial hemp.
Over the next few years, M.E.M. successfully commercialized an insulation wool and an acoustic felt made from hemp. M.E.M. firmly established itself and soon became a model among ecological construction industry experts. The company’s reputation and proven expertize quickly gained attention and received recognition outside Québec and abroad. M.E.M. was also awarded first prize at the 2011 GREENBUILD conference in Toronto in the category of INNOVATION.

While continuing to work on promoting his products, Sébastien Bélec and business partners founded ÉCOFIBRES BSL INC., with the aim of mastering all the agricultural aspects of industrial hemp production. This added experience would become crucial in helping Sébastien Bélec attract other business partners who would help him move forward with the final project stage: the establishment of a secondary processing plant to produce a full range of construction and renovation consumer products. As a result, these efforts will make hemp a high-value industrial crop and an attractive option for the Québec agricultural industry.


Thanks to highly experienced business partners and continued support of the des Sources MRC management team, whose vision of development for the region truly reflects NATURE FIBRES INC.’s strategy goals and mission, the company has successfully attracted the people as well as organizational and financial elements needed to complete this important final stage.

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The primary building materials to be produced during the initial stage:


Isolant NaturHemp™ Insulation

AcoustiHemp™ Panel

DecoHemp™ Ceiling Tile

NaturHemp™ Blocks

OTHER PRODUCTS INCLUDE: : masonry blocks, oil, hemp cake, preparation of hemp-lime insulation, mulch.


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With its 3 output operations, Nature Fibres is a fully integrated center for industrial hemp processing, in particular with other plant fibers compatible with hemp, such as flax, forest biomass, etc.:
1- Grain Transformation :
• hemp oil and cake are extracted for a secondary market valued in other project opportunities.

2- Decortication :
• the first operation separates the fiber from the woody core. This stage also generates other specific composite materials from the hurd and dust created during processing.

3- Matting :
• step transforming the fiber into "matted" products, such as insulation wool, felts, etc.


NATURE FIBRES is a very interesting project whose sustainability is conclusive. The targeted business niche is relevant, immutable, and in very rapid progression. Thus, this new company will clearly insert itself in the ecologically friendly construction area and in ‘’green building“.
We are convinced that this project will foster business partnerships and links with other companies in the region: manufacturers of factory-built homes, roof trusses, prefabricated walls, cabinet and kitchen component manufacturers, horticultural producers, etc.

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