The benefits of hemp

Regulates humidity

By allowing the structure to breathe while maintaining thermal resistance, our insulation protect the building, improves the air quality, and maximizes thermal efficiency. Take note that between the vapor barrier and the interior wall (gypsum or other), there must be some space for air circulation which allows the evacuation of excess humidity.
* It is highly recommended to use a smart vapor barrier with hemp.

Durable material

Hemp fibers are sought after for their high strength and durability.

Protects from rodents, moths & termites

Hemp fibers are naturally repellent against rodents and xylophagous insects (moths, termites, and ants). The use of our insulation therefore protects and preserve the wood frame.

Sustainable Buildings – Zero Carbon

Hemp participates in the regeneration of soils, as they require little water, no fertilizers, and no pesticides. In addition, during its growth hemp absorbs a large amount of CO2, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the buildings that uses it. Hemp can go from seed to a ready-to-harvest plant in less than 120 days, making it one of the fastest renewable materials in the world!!

Unparalleled installation comfort

Our insulation panels are very pleasant and safe to install. In addition, they have a very good mechanical resistance, thus contributing to their ease of installation and the preservation of their effectiveness in the long term.

Thermal phase shift

In buildings, thermal phase shifting is the ability of the materials composing the envelope of the dwelling to slow down heat transfer, especially summer solar radiation. Thermal phase shift is particularly important in summer to prevent the penetration of solar radiation energy during the day. In order of magnitude, a good phase shift corresponds to a duration of 8 to 10 hours.

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