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NATURE FIBRES™ - Ecomaterials

Health Benefits

Our insulation products do not pose any potential health risk. Made from 100% natural plant fibers (hemp, flax, cotton, cellulose) and free of allergens and VOC. Also moisture absorbant, reducing risk of molds and bacteria.

Controls Moisture Level

By allowing the structure to breathe and maintaining heat resistance, our insulation protects the building, improves air quality, and maximizes thermal efficiency.

High-resistance Materials

Hemp and flax fibers are valued for their high resistance, strength, and response to moisture (rot-proof).

Protects from Rodents, Moths, and Termites

Hemp and flax fibers naturally repel rodents and xylophagous insects (moths, termites, and ants). The use of our insulating products will help preserve and protect wood-framed structures.

Sustainable Buildings – Zero Carbon

Requiring little water, no fertilizers and no pesticides, hemp and flax help to regenerate soil structure. During its growth cycle hemp absorbs a large quantity of CO2, diminishing the carbon footprint of buildings.

Ease of Installation

Our insolation panels are easy and safe to install. They also offer high mechanical resistance, facilitating installation and contributing to long-term efficiency.


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